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Moscow International Auto Parts Exhibition

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Update time : 2021-01-26 09:24:55
One of the largest professional events in the automotive industry in Russia

   INTERAUTO, an auto parts exhibition in Moscow, Russia, started in 2005, and 2020 is the 16th exhibition.

   Strong professionalism: The Moscow Auto Parts Exhibition in Russia demonstrated the potential of Russian entities and improved the competitiveness of domestic products in the domestic automobile market and abroad. For more than ten years, the Russian Auto Parts Exhibition has been assisting "newcomers" to enter the Russian auto parts market, strengthening their position in large companies from different countries, and promoting the establishment of new business contacts and finding customers. The project was officially supported by the Moscow region government, the Russian Automobile Manufacturers Association (OAR) and the Russian National Automobile Parts Manufacturers Association (NAPAK).

A wide range of professional visitors: InterAuto covers a wide range of professional visitors: automotive equipment and auto parts, parts, accessories, automotive chemical products, paint and varnish products, automotive maintenance and repair equipment manufacturers and distributors ; Representatives of service stations, mixing rooms, insurance companies, federal and municipal authorities, and professional media.

Large scale: The 2019 Russian Auto Parts Exhibition attracted a total of 418 exhibitors and 36,000 visitors. The exhibition area reached 23,000 square meters. The exhibitors and audience countries covered Austria, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, India, 44 countries and regions including Italy, Spain, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Russia, the United States, Finland, Sweden, South Korea and Japan.
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