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German Youth International Automobile and Parts Exhibition

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Update time : 2021-01-26 09:20:56
Automechanika Frankfurt is an international event for the automotive industry

Frankfurt International Auto Parts Exhibition is sponsored by Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

Long history: founded in 1971, the German auto parts exhibition is held every two years. It has a history of 46 years. It is a global scale international exhibition of auto parts, process equipment and related industries. This exhibition attracts thousands of international enterprises to attend each session. The exhibition is one of the five famous international auto shows in the world and one of the three largest auto parts exhibitions in the world. With a long history and far-reaching influence, it is the ancestor of Frankfurt auto parts exhibition series.

Highly professional: Automechanika is an international stage for Chinese exhibitors to participate in international auto parts and after-sales service. The 2014 Automechanika exhibition will be renamed as "Automechanika Frankfurt", which originates from the brand recognition strategic decision of Frankfurt exhibition company. The Automechanika series exhibitions will be named after the city where they are located, which will further clarify the target group of the exhibition and improve the recognition of the exhibition.

Large scale: Automechanika exhibition continues to be a gathering place for industry related people to discuss and exchange industry information. The 2018 Frankfurt Auto Parts Fair attracted 4987 exhibitors from 76 countries and regions, and 134622 visitors from 184 countries and regions.

Automechanika once again publicized its position as a large-scale and international exhibition brand in the global automotive industry. In 2021, we hope to explore with the exhibitors and make them benefit from these opportunities, so as to better shape the future of the automotive industry. We will also provide you with professional and complete suggestions and services during the whole exhibition process.
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