SPTA 32pcs Polishing Pad Kit Hook& Loop Buffing Pad Kit for Auto Detailing

Item No.: DP32
Small detailing polishing pad kit, for both RO/DA machine, perfect for small places
Thread size M14, 5/8-11, M16 are available, for different market



SPTA-Buffing Pads

Mini Buffing/Polishing Pads

Brand: SPTA

1 (30MM)/ 2" (55M)/3 "(80MM)

Polyester Sponge;wool

Green; Yellow; Orange; Blue; White

Car Waxing, Polishing and Fast Finishing




[Pad Diameter]: 1" (30mm)

Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement, thanks!

[Pad Diameter]: 2" (55mm)

Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement, thanks!

[Pad Diameter]: 3" (80mm)

Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement, thanks!




Spong Polish Pad


Green & Blue(Heavy-cut) :Foam Polishing Pad Standard cutting pad, excellent for enamel, acrylic and urethane.

Orange & Yellow (Medium-cut):Light Cut & Polishing Pad, final cutting, polishing or glazing of clear coat surfaces.

White (Light-cut) - Buffing and finishing pad for a rich, swirl-free, high gloss finish.

Purple Wool Pad


Effectively remove P1500 gravel scratches and leave a shiny surface without fogging.

Japanese Wool Pad


Imported fine wool, buffer layer design, effective buffering, smoother use.

White Wool Pad


for buffing oxidized paint, orange peel, deep scratches, paint sanding scratches and clear coats of hard top coats.

Microfeber Fast Finishing Pad


It is used for finishing after waxing the surface of the paint.remove imperfections, swirls, oxidation and water spots. It can be used together with the used together with the machine to improve work efficiency and save working time.



Adapters are available in three different sizes (M14, M16, 5/8-11") and can be freely converted to rotary and DA polishing machine.


Backing Plate


Using a pouring technique, the metal screw is combined with the tray.Avoid alling off, slipping.etc;

The size for the backing plate is 1inch/2inch/3inch,a variety of sizes for you to choose,please choose the right backing plate according to the hook & loop size of the polishing pad.

Material characteristics

Selected materials and excellent quality around the world imported material in high quality with strong absorption and durability.


Repeated washing, refused to degumming


hook & loop design,strong adhesion, no easy to fell off