SPTA New 3000W Double Motor Car Air Blower Auto Detailing Dryer Blower

Item No.: CD301
3000W double motor blower
accpet OEM, MOQ 300pcs






Brand: SPTA

Voltage Frequency/Wind Speed:

50Hz   ;   110m/s

Max Airflow/Motor power:


Hose length:
Hose length 2.7M, 9M(30ft) after expands completely

Power Cord Length:
4M (13FT power cord)




Adjustable speed &button switch


The rotary knob design allows you to freely adjust the desired wind speed during use. You can control the wind power according to your needs to achieve different drying effects.


The key switch design will not accidentally touch. When the on button is pressed, the car dryer starts to work. After you finish using, you can directly press the off button, which is simple and easy to control.

Detachable connecting tube


The hose connector is detachable for easy storage and organization. After use, pull the hose out of the net for easier handling.

collect dust


Cover can reduce noise and effectively insulate heat. The back cotton pad design can collect dust, so this machine has the function of removing dust while drying. The back cover can also be removed, making cleaning very convenient.

telescopic hose


The SPTA car dryer is equipped with a retractable hose and nozzle. The length of the hose is 2.7 meters, but when fully extended and stretched, its maximum length can reach 9 meters. The retractable length allows you to move freely in the car.

Fast air drying


Perfect for drying the surface of cars, motorcycles or other items. The circular detail nozzle allows the wind to collect more and penetrate directly into hard-to-reach areas, making it easier to drain water from rear-view mirrors, body joints, headlights, engine and other areas. Make your car shine and touchless air drying will not damage the paint surface.